French lavender essential oil we carry

all our essential of Lavender are imported from France and we have certificate of analysis to confirm batch and quality

Hybrid lavendin

please below some information about

lavendin super

this is the one we sell the most as quality wise with maillette is the very good and better price

used for muscle relaxant bath products antiseptic



ARE VERY SIMILAR TO SUPER the variation is on the camphor level

This is the one closest to the mother plant with a lower camphor level and high lavandulol

lavendin Grosso is very high in camphor and the lowest quality not recommended to make foam soap [erfect for antiseptic product because of high camphor

lavender maillette

angustifolia across pmeiller Maillette

the most popular as it is Angustifolia with low camphor under 2% and high in lavendulol that we recommend for cream treatment

lavender Angustifoliaa AOC

the mother plant has grown on a high elevation in Haute de Provence

certify by the board of agriculture in France

it is the high quality with a lavendulol of 4%

it is the one recommended for aromatherapy and that why prices are so high

you should not have a very strong smell of camphor and only smell the sweet lavender

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