about the company

The freshest ingredients from growers and distillers around the world

 SINCE 1997

Our phone number is: 604.572.0688

Email us at topi.sale@yahoo.ca

please remember to call first so we can make sure we are available and can have a safe place

please see the pictures of our new showroom in Richmond bc

Monday to Wed from 12.00 to 6pm by appointment only


we are ready to ship our Savon de Marseille in liquid and in the bar of soap  in olive lavender and Aleppo soap

We sell wholesale to retail stores distributors and have now a location in Richmond for cash and carry and pick-up orders

Our specialties are:

  • Essential oils, organic  sprays
  • lavender bunches from Provence
  • Sachet from Provence France
  • Soap of Marseilles
  • Rose and rare essential oils
  • cleaning products from France include black soap
  • Personal care as bath salt specialty cream from France and Morroco
  • Unique gift products from France

At Les Jardins De Jaqueline,

clients get the best blend of expertise, quality, and customized solutions designed for their business needs.

Our company’s mission is to help our clients find quality botanical essential oils from around the world that come directly from growers and distillers. We also created our brand of soap for body and cleaning product

why we are different than other company

our background in agriculture and natural products makes us:

  • an expert on how Mother  Nature works
  •  how to use natural products safely
  • we do not only sell products we educate and teach our customers how to use  them safely
  • and to make the most efficient as possible from the raw material to the finished products.
  • we used as many possible recycled boxes and reduce as much possible packaging

Our clients are wholesalers and retailers looking for products with special healing benefits including:

  • safety on how to use the essential oils by professional
  • Energy-boosting
  • Relaxation and well-being
  • Reduction of client retention due to product quality and the credibility of our product benefits
  • We would love to connect with you to showcase our product selection that will impress your customers and will leave them asking for more and more products.


  •  safety and educate people on how to use properly the raw material
  • very often clients forget the power of plants, especially on essential oils
  • By working directly with growers and distillers around the world, we supply you only with the freshest ingredients and crops of the year.
  • Our dried products from Provence France are sold as lavender flowers, bunches, essential oils, and sachets for the giftware industry and corporate gifts.
  • working in agriculture and natural products for the last 20 years has given us a lot of knowledge and credibility
  • from  the time plants are grown to the time the consumer used them
  • we try to control and respect the same way Mother Earthworks on earth
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