Carrier Oils


Olive Oil


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Almond Oil


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The sweet Almond Oil is issued from cold pressed almonds (Prunes Amygdalus Dulcis– Rosaceae).

It is a fortifying, hydrating, toning, nourishing, relaxing and softening oil. It softens dry and fragile skins and reduces stretch marks while calming skin irritations.


To moisturize the skin, for adults and children or babies as well, it can be used also on the hair and on the face.


Grapeseed Oil

  • Is used for psoriasis and eczema and is used in may facial creams
  • Aids in maintaining skin elasticity

It contains compounds that stabilize the collagen and elastin in the skin so that their chemical structure is not disrupted.

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Calendula Oil


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Argan Oil


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The Argan Oil is issued from an endemic tree of Morocco, called organ (Argania Spinosa – Sapotaceae). The arganeraie is between the north of Essaouira and extends to the door of the Sahara, southwest side of Morocco, an area of approximately 800000ha.

Once the fruits are collected, are devoid of their pulp (pulping), to release their nuclei, they are crushed in order to extract two or three kernels contained in each nucleus. The extraction takes place on those kernels.

The kernels can be roasted, which will give an oil with a hazelnut taste, appreciated for different culinary use.

The oil issued from non-roasted kernels gives a slight taste and a pale yellow color. This oil is used for cosmetics, massages, facials, hair, and nails.

Properties and Indications

The non-roasted organ oil and cold pressed oil, is characterized by the presence of an interesting concentration of unsaturated fatty acids (oleic acids, linoleic and linoleic), as well as a high quantity of vitamin E (about650mg/l).

  • Have interesting properties for hair and skin,
  • It promotes skin elasticity fight against stretch marks and it fortifies the hair
  • It has a hydration side and plays a major anti-aging skin role, fighting against oxidation and free radicals, due to its richness in vitamin E.
  • When the kernels are roasted, they will give after extraction, hazelnut tasting oil, appreciated in culinary use and salad dressing.

The different oils that we propose are obtained by cold pressing (moderated temperature on machine level).

The organ oil proposed is certified organic by an international organization (Ecocert)