Celebrate Valentine with Champagne Chocolate

here what people are waiting for the final touch of fancy packinging

available in glass of 12 chocolates glass of box of 4 or 8 chocolate

with Champagne chocolate with Marc de Champagne ratafia et fine Marc de Champagne

What is


it is the CHampagne ice vine grape harvest after the frost made in a liquor like a cognac except it is Champagne grape

Marc de Champagne

it is the alcool eau de vie made with Pinot Pint Meunier Chardonnay

as to continue to support Local business i have decide to offer the special Chocolate from where i was born Champagne

it has 2 kind of liquor which correspond to an ice vine but the different it is made with real liquor of Champagne

We are offering for only a very short time to celebrate Valentine with your love one

I m very proud to offer a unique chocolate and authentic chocolat de Champagne that you can actually toast anywhere

Champagne can only be used for promoting the Champagne so i will use as Champagne for that prestigious Chocolate

pink chocolate with Ratafia and Biscuit de Reims

Made from sugar, flour, egg, and salt, the twice-baked cookies have a crispness that keeps them from flaking when submerged in liquid. Rather, after going for a dip in a glass of champagne, biscuits rose de Reims melt in your mouth

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