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celebrating our 25 years in business

We sell wholesale to retail stores distributors and have now a location in Richmond for cash and carry and pick-up orders


  •  1997:
    • Taste Of Provence Importing was created
    • We started to import lavender and other natural raw material directly from growers in the south of France to the rest of the world. we imported essential oil of lavender, lavender flowers and sachets, and many other oils from France. We started selling  wholesale to retail stores and manufacturers
  • 2006:
    • The company was restructured to separate the botanical products from the fabrics. Hence: T.O.P.I  IMPORTS was created for our fabrics.
  • 2013
    • we started importing from different countries in the world and we encourage small communities and local growers.
  • 2016
    • Les Jardins De Jaqueline was created
    • Named in honor of my grandmother the second name my father wanted me to have
    •  Les Jardins De Jaqueline showcases our finished gifts and botanical products
    • To clear some confusion, Taste Of of Provence Importing has an initial of T.O.P.I imports and for our other business T.O.P. I IMPORTS for the textile owner by the same owner.
    • We encourage fair trade and small coops around the world
  •   2018
  • Le Relais de Jacqueline was created
  • As of 2018,    we are able to ship directly from on dropship with the extension of Les Jardins De Jaqueline France from Viviane Heritage farm.

never give up on your dream :

  •              a true family story where my father wanted me to take over the farm over 20 years ago. It is now a reality but a big challenge is still waiting for me to rebuild  the farm from Top to the bottom
  •            all the years I work hard to rebuild the farm of my ancestor now i have the   license and the property in France it is now time to get into the renovation and  plan the plantation with no more delay
  • a few more delays on the renovation because of the situation but never mind it is only for a few more months before i renovate my properties in France
  • a 50 acres farm with over 10000square feet of building to renovate
  • it took me over 7years to plan the renovation and i really  believe this year i will get this renovation and plantation of the garden thanks to y team that are willing to work hard to make it happen


2020 BC Home and Garden Show

Feb 2020

  •  We moved our 2 companies in one location in Richmond BC and increase the space and are setting up our cash carry in RICHMOND BC and will expand back east our business to create a one-stop from European products hard to find


we just launch the full line of Les Jardins de Jaqueline and are expanding in finally the antiseptic soap for both agriculture and humans 

planting 2acres of lavender in both France and Canada and finishing the setup for the east coast market

During the summertime, my husband produces local lavender cut flowers and vegetables from our property in Langley . We are now accepting contracts growing on the organic farm in Langley. For more information go to

 http://local world gardens – where international vegetables are ..

2021 we are nominated as the business of the year by small business BC and also selected the honor to be the top 5 French business company in BC



  •  safety and educate people on how to use properly the raw material and the essential oils
  • supporting the local economy by buying and producing with locals
  • Clients get the best blend of expertise, quality, and customized solutions designed for their business needs
  • very often clients forget the power of plants, especially on essential oils
  • By working directly with the growers and distillers around the world, we supply you only with the freshest ingredients and crops of the year.
  • working in agriculture and natural products for the last 20 years give us a lot of knowledge and credibility
  • during the summertime, my husband produces local lavender cut flowers and vegetables from our property in Langley cold
  • and most import is we are a family of farming for 5 generations that know and understand what mother earth gave us: air water and earth.
  • that mean we do know and understand how plant are grown and how to produce and respect mother earth 


Please see Viviane’s profile on Linkedin

Viviane brings over 20 years of experience in the horticulture, agriculture, and textile industries. Viviane’s family has been in the agriculture and wine industries for 5 generations. Growing up, Viviane learned a lot about natural remedies and healing. In France, it is common to say, “A good winemaker makes a good perfumer.”This is where Viviane inherited the knowledge of plants, scents, agriculture, and running a farm.

  •  Viviane has extensive knowledge of quality control when selecting botanical products
  • She participates in public speaking engagements to present her insights
  •  She uses her expertise to help her clients attain their highest return for investment on every dollar spent on the product(s) she recommends
  • She only imports quality and the freshest ingredient products for her clients. She looks for naturally grown botanical products in compliance with best industry practices
  • Quality and customized solutions are designed for our client’s business needs as they are very important for our customers
  • We strongly believe in respecting the environment
  • As the president and CEO of TOPI imports and Les Jardins de Jaqueline Viviane‘s mission is:
  • To provide the highest quality solutions aligned with her clients’ needs. So that her clients get the best blend of expertise, quality, and customized solutions designed for their business needs.
  • Viviane has a large portfolio of happy and recurring clients, in compliance with best industry practices
  • Viviane is passionate about giving back to the community.

Viviane in her mother s Vinyard in  Champagne at the age of 21


viviane vendange0001

Viviane harvesting lavender in France at the age of 42

me harvesting the lavender

Viviane harvested the lavender on the family farm in langley bc in 2021


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