COVid-19 company information update

To Our Customers:  update on June 23 2020

 Our company is still working to deliver your orders.

​We are working most of the time from home but keep in touch with customers.

We respect what health Canada required and sell ONLY safe products that are not harmful to people or the environment. At  Les Jardins de Jaqueline we take safety, quality and health are the most important aspect of our business. We only sell products that are safe that are not harmful to people and the environment

and we make sure that we respect what health requirements.  ​We may have some delay in some items in stock coming from overseas.

We are slowly getting all our stock and hope to be all up and running early July

Once it is done you will have a one-stop-shop of hard to find products from Europe

For now,   we can see only 2 people at the time and it is by appointment only fro Monday to Wed the showroom to the public but you can pick up orders or we can ship as well.

please follow our newsletter coming soon of what we will offer to your business to help you through this hard time

As a broker of health products and growers over 20 years, we encourage to be careful with fake sanitizers and do not comply with the authorities and in order to ensure the productions we are taking those measures

  • Spreading our team out in the production space and working fro home
  • Reinforcing our hand washing policy and use of personal protective equipment
  • Washing and sanitizing surfaces on a regular basis, including before, between, and after scheduled production shifts and throughout the day in the office areas
  • Providing all employees written instructions for our COVID-19 policy before they come to work so they all know the expectations
  • Communicating with our employees about their physical and mental wellness during this uncertain time

thank you to support our business and we wish you all best during that hard time

Viviane Guyot

owner of Les Jardins de Jaqueline and T.O.P.I IMPORTS


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