Dried Flowers and lavender

Grower Direct From France

new packaging

What We Carry For The Bunches

Lavender Flowers

Lavendin flowers are harvested with the tractor:

The Lavender harvest is done between June and mid-August, depending on the varieties of Lavender. We are able to supply fresh Lavender from the end of June to the end of July. Please be sure to place your order as early as possible as quantity is very limited. The flowers have a deep indigo color and long straight stems perfect for bouquets.

tracteur avec la recolte de lavande

Production of lavender bunches

All the bunches are cut by hand. Below is a picture of Viviane cutting the Lavendin in Provence.

me harvesting the lavender


Lavender Super Blue cut in the field.

lavender super blue harvest






logo saop made in france







Once the Lavender is cut, it is brought to the barn and hung to dry.

sechage de lavande m bui









Here is a picture of our crop we harvested at the end of June 2015.

bunches lavendin flowers









Lavendin flowers are long stemmed and Lavender Super Blue is short-stemmed.






Are available from 20 g bags to 25 kg bags.

First Grade: Strong scent, culinary grade, and dark blue in color. CAN BE USED AS A TEA.

Second Grade: Strong scent, greenish in color, not as clean as the first grade but has the same scent.

Gift bags: available in bag of 40g and 100g bags.



Rose Bud                                                                                                                     

dried flowers rose bud


Rose Petal 

dried flowers rose petal

myself harvesting my wheat in Champagne France

Oats and Wheat are produced in France On Viviane’s farm in Champagne


Lavender and wheat bunches


Wheat Triticales bunches                                                   Lavender Sunflower Wheat

Oat Bunches

dried flowers oats













Wheat Beard Bunches


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