Essential oil blends and Apothecary

what is different from our blend:

  • we bring 20 years in natural products and over 20 years as a broker in botanical and essential and as growers working directly where the product is made.
  • we research and test our products to make sure they are safe and efficient
  • we respect Health Canada and the World Health Organization’s complaint about what they require
  • label and formulation for hand are very strict and we are applying what is recommended to make you a safe product
  • Our essential oils can be efficient when used safely
  • our blend is made only with essential use simple ingredients that mother earth give us IT HAS BEEN used FOR CENTURIES

Because of the purity of the oil, you should never use a pure essential oil on the skin AND DILUTE WITH A CARRIER OIL  and test it on your hand to see if you have a reaction


please see on Instagram the video

it sounds like people are scared of the graphic so we are going to change it but the reality this antiseptic soap is based on black soap and the antiseptic essential oils are made to protect against bacteria and viruses on the surface

a blend of 5 essential oil made with antiseptic anti-inflammatory that works in the lungs and help to breathe better/

once you smell the blend OF ESSENTIAL OILS  will prevent having a viral infection coming from the air by having antiseptic use for centuries and antiseptic as tea tree and eucalyptus with 4 more essential oils.

To make sure that we are clear it IS a very strong antiseptic that myself I use over and over when i travel but it DOES NOT CURE COVID19

a few samples of the test

i have seat and slept much time for a 12 hours flight with people who had flu and never got sick as long as i smell very often the blend to protect me. It is recommended to smell every half hour that is it

Many people  who are VP and travel a lot have used those blends many times my friends and family too for the last 5 years and we are now ready to launch in Canada

it has 6 most powerful essential oil as antiviral antiseptic and anti-inflammatory

below please read what supports our research and our products:

please read what research has been done to tell you that we are supporting our products


Non, les huiles essentielles ne soignent pas le coronavirus! A ce jour, il n’existe aucune étude scientifique sur les huiles et leurs effets sur le COVID-19.


Il existe une multitude de travaux de recherche sur les propriétés antivirales des huiles essentielles. Les résultats sont impressionnants et incontestables. Voici notamment quelques virus pour lesquels nous disposons de véritables données:

  • Le virus de syndrome respiratoire aigu sévère SRAS-CoV (c’est un coronavirus)
  • Le virus de la grippe H1N1
  • Le virus de la grippe aviaire type H5N1 et sous-types H7N3 et H9N2
  • Le virus de bronchite anti-infectieuse (IBV)
  • Le virus de l’herpès simplex HSV
  • Le virus de la dengue DEN
  • Le virus de la maladie de Newcastle NDV
  • Le virus Junin (c’est un arénavirus, responsable de la fièvre hémorragique)

Exemples de l’action des huiles essentielles sur certains virus :

  • L’HE de Tea tree inhibe la réplication de influenza A⁄PR ⁄ 8 virus subtype H1N1 à 0,0006% (v ⁄ v)1. Elle est active contre HSV-1 et HSV-2 à 0,0008% (v/v)2.
  • L’HE d’Eucalyptus globulus est active contre HSV-1 et HSV-2 à 0,009% et 0,008% respectivement3.
  • L’HE de Tea tree sur le Virus de la grippe aviaire H5N1 et sous-types H7N3 et H9N2 à une dose de 10 μl4.
  • L’HE de Tea tree et de l’HE d’eucalyptus en aérosols en tant que désinfectant contre le virus de la grippe A et le phage M13 d’ E. Coli. Les deux HE sont capables d’inactiver les virus à plus de 95% en 5 à 15 min d’exposition5.


Liste de références sur l’activité antivirale des huiles essentielles de Tea treeEucalyptusNiaouli et Ravintsara:

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a blend of 4 essential oils that help the blood circulation and relax muscles

a muscles relaxant  made of 4 blends of essential oils that help blood circulation relax the muscle and reduce the swelling to make more efficient use the lavender bath salt

it is always better to use a carrier oil as cottonseed oil i recommend grapeseed oil or almond oil


blend of citric essential oils with geranium citronella and eucalyptus


a blend of peppermint geranium Tumeric   that helps the blood circulation and exfoliates the dead skin

SLEEP HELPER  available in 60ml bottle spray

a blend of chamomile and lavender  hydrosol  helping them to relax and sleep  and can be used with children

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