Press Release and testimonial


Surrey Leader 2000

My biography wrote by Shannon page 82:

article in the Vancouver  Sun Dec 17 2020

THURSDAY, DECEMBER 17, 2020 Ad – Les Jardins De Jaqueline – Vancouver Sun



many trade show since 1997 in Gift Show

in Vancouver Toronto Montreal Las Vegas SanFrancisco Los Angeles Dallas

  • bc home and garden show 2020


I’m proud to say that i have initiated and request Bastille to the senator during the last Consulat election  so French can have the one-day celebration in Vancouver


IN THE PRESS support local

DEC 2022

we support: Family services of Vancouver


Radio futures

Les Jardins de Jaqueline

Vancouver Sun



  We back up our products and we work very closely with customers to provide the right products to the right stores. Over the years, we have proven that when we sell a product to a customer we already know that the product will respond to their demand. We strongly believe that a successful retail store has to feel confident about what products they are selling and can have a good turn over.   And i believe having customers that are doing been business for more than 15 years is the best testimonial of the quality of our products   We are now supplying grocery stores as

Fresh st Market
Quality Foods
Urban Fare
home care facilities

Promotion of Max Factor and Cover Girl

In 2006, we had the honor to do both of the brands as a promotion

laven max factor gift

  In 2007, we supplied the gift shop of Princess Cruise in the Provence sachet. We were proud to be selected as a supplier for their boat going back to Provence in France.

lav sachet provence fabric

a few charities that we have done  May 2020 with our antiseptic soap cleaning products and aprons  

Downtown Eastside On behalf of all of the people who received a wide range of needed items from the DTES Distribution Hub this year, I wanted to extend my most heartfelt thanks for making a donation.

The Hub was established in April as part of a coordinated effort between the City of Vancouver, the Province of British Columbia and Atira (which owns the Hub location), to respond to community needs during the COVID-19 pandemic. Originally intended to primarily provide Personal Protective Equipment and other basic supplies to major non-profit housing providers, it evolved and grew over the months to provide much, much more to approximately 50 community and service organizations, primarily in the Downtown Eastside, whose operations were affected by pandemic restrictions. And most importantly, to the people who rely on these organizations to provide so many basic but essential goods and services.

Whether you donated furniture, food, clothing, toiletries, PPE, electronics/ appliances, housewares/ kitchenwares, cleaning supplies, arts/crafts supplies, books, board games or other types of items, I thank you so much for being able to assist our efforts to help so many people during these challenging months.

I wish you all the best heading into 2021.

Janice Abbott (she, her, hers)

Chief Executive Officer, Atira Group of Women Serving Agencies

  a few comments about customers that bought our product

for quite a few years Rose Water and Oils

Hi Viviane, I have received my order. Isn’t that the best scent of rose oil ever.. love it. Thanks, Betts Alberta    

Kelly Vancouver Island BC

we bought the hydrosol of ROSE LAVENDER CHAMOMILLE SINCE 2004 and we are happy with the quality and the service  

Karen Surrey bc

We carry the lavender products since 1997 and have always had a good-quality of products

anyway if you ever want testimonials we have a lot just remember in 1997 there was no website but we still are proud to say we still have customers since we started in 1997 so quality and service are important to us

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