French cleaning products and Black soap

savon de Marseille for laundry in 500g size


have you ever wanted to save space in your kitchen and recycle your old spray bottle?

do you want to use an eco-friendly all-purpose cleaner made in France


Be careful not to confuse the two kinds of black soaps! Even if they are similar in color and texture, they do not have the same composition. The body Black soap made off from an olive paste (crushed and macerated in olives) in salt and potash (potassium olivaate). It is presented in the form of a softer paste of a darker brown. Black Soap Household, is composed of potash and a fat body, olive oil, linseed oil, glycerin...
Manufacture like all soaps, black soap is obtained by saponification.
The Black Soap Thus obtained, is a paste of vegetable and oily scrub, perfectly smooth. Its consistency makes it look like honey. As for its color, it varies from green, dark brown to black. It depends on the oil used and the manufacturer
by 100ml
Laundry soap flakes made of 100 % vegetable soap of Marseille available in

sold in bag of

  • 1lb
  • 2.2lb=1kg
  • 10kg
  • 25kg

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