Soap of Savon de Marseille

In 2016 we started carrying Soap of Marseille. Each bar is 100g and is made with either Almond or Grapeseed oil. The soaps are made from the extract of the plant and the colors are made from the natural dye.

Our soap does not contain any chemical ingredients. By using the freshest ingredients, you can smell exactly what the scent is supposed to smell like and will be very similar to the scent of our essential oils. They come in boxes of 8 or 16 per scent.

Sorry we do not brake boxes into smaller quantities

Almond soap (front sample)                                     Packaging (back sample)

Savon Noir de Marseille: Black Liquid Soap

BOND 001 - V2

We are wholesaling in the 60ml and 250ml. It is available by 1L and 5 liters as well. This soap can really clean up a whole house from furniture to soil to the bathroom. It can be used on metal to clean car,  polish your boat, even kill the most stains on your cotton fabric.

I grew up with these products but never found a product so powerful for cleaning. It is certified organic and made with flaxseed oil-based. It is perfect to use on antique furniture or teak wood. We recommend diluting to 1/4 with distilled water for housecleaning and pure for heavy stains.

Laundry detergent  in soap flakes

We have now the Savon de Marseille in soap flakes in 500g 1kg 5kg 10kg

To make a laundry detergent, just add some baking soda and your favorite scents



Hand Liquid Soap

Kitchen Soap

In lemon, olive, and orange shape


Bar of 100g of soap. We have the olive and the lavender scent available: Almond Honey, lavender, Olive, Orange, Rosemary, and Orange Blossoms. They are packed by a sleeve paper and packaged by 6 percent.




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