Published by Les Jardins De Jaqueline

For 5 generations my family has been in the agriculture and in the wine industries. Growing up, I learned a lot about natural remedies from my mother. We always say in France, “a good wine maker makes a good perfumer.” I guess this is where I got the heritage and the knowledge of plant and scents. I was born and raised in a small village near Epernay, the Champagne Country, in France. I grew up on a farm and at a very young age, I learned everything about agriculture while running a farm business. I started making crafts at the age of 8. I studied agriculture and horticulture in France and then left France at 18 years old to get some working experience in horticulture in Switzerland. While in Switzerland. In Holland, I decided to move to Canada in 1992. During my first few years, I managed a commercial hydroponics greenhouse and then decided to start my own business in natural products as an essential oil. we are becoming producers of lavender and cut flowers and also launching a partnership with a grower in Tunisia. Tunisia has a very wide variety of plants as: rose,neroli,geranium,rosemary and much more