Dried Flowers and lavender from Provence

Grower Direct From Provence France

logo saop made in france


Production of Lavender super blue Bunches from Provence France

The Lavender harvest is done between June and mid-August, depending on the varieties of Lavender. The flowers have a deep indigo color and long straight stems perfect for bouquets. Please note, we carry, mainly, the Lavender Super Blue from France for the darkest blue color because they last for a very long time and we carry the lavendin for the sachet

The lavender super blue is grown in Provence in the Haute Alpes de Provence .the bunches are lavender and not lavendin reason why the stem is shorter

For Mother s day we are offering the lavender bunches vrap with the tea towel

BC Local Lavender Bunches from our farm in Langley BC

Lavendin flowers are harvested between June to mid of september on our farm in |Langley BC. This year we are finally planted 2 acres of lavender and have one acre in production.We can now take order for fresh Lavender at

  1. https://localworldgardens.com

. Please be sure to place your order as early as possible as the quantity is very limited. The flowers have a deep indigo color and long straight stems perfect for bouquets.

Wheat Bunches and other dried flowers from France on our farm in Champagne perfect for fall home decor

Wheat bunches oat bunches Triticale


One thought on “Dried Flowers and lavender from Provence

  1. Appreciate if you can let me know price of 10 bouquet lavender blue, Lavendin, price for 1kg rose bud for tea

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