Quality control and Essential Oil Analysis

What Is An Analysis Chromatography?

i have attached a lab in France that that have done and well explain the analysis for the essential oil so feel free to educate yourself to understand the process and how to determine a quality essential oil

It is a certificate that not only provides the content of essential oils but also the residue to determine if the oil is organic or not. As a broker, we are concerned about the quality of the essential oils that we buy.

Below are the common test essential oils made in the last year period for the most essential oil. We have a record of the batch from the harvest of the distillation on THEY ARE AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST:

Lavender Super

Lavender Maillette

Lavender AOC

Lavender Mallette certified organic Ecocert

Rose Centifolia

Sandalwood essential

Jasmine Grandiflora

Jasmine Sambac


Sweet Orange



Rose Geranium

rose centifolia

Eucalyptus Globulus


Rosa centifolia

all our carrier oils

we keep in the database the lot number and keep in mind that most of our oil are bought at the harvest so the smell may smell very fresh in that case the oil will need to sit before it can be used

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